Sunday, October 10, 2010

nautical failure

currently in mood of nautical style. back in mood to striped tops.. im looking for more!! :D eeerrrgh.. in those photos i looked fatter, no? that's one of what i regret. nyeh. hm.. it's been soooo long since i havent posted anything and neglecting my blogs. i think im busy? =____= im kinda.. bored. :/
so i cant write anymore here. have no idea.

striped top : zara trf//thin belt : zara trf//nude short : zara basic(made in indo -__-)//ankle heels : unbranded

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

we're twins. ergh. not really.

made this a day after i made a blouse for myself. and with the same fabric. :)
anyway, my mum wants me to take a course in susan budihardjo. and im too interested with it. hope it will come true in the very very right time

Monday, July 5, 2010


hey guys.. welcome to my new blog.. hope u enjoy. comment and follow please, and i'd be happy :)
this blog's still a mess. still under construction..
anyway, the cloth i wore in these photos below are made by myself.made it for 3,5 hours. it's just a simple cloth, and yeah. lil bit messy. firstly it was just a sleeveless top. but i thought i wont wear it*cos i have big hands. then at last i finished it with 3/4 sleeve, and cape neck. :)
i hold my hair n played w it, cos one thing. i got bad hair day that day. my bang was a disaster and my curling iron didnt work as i expected.

floral top: DIY
bodycon skirt : unbranded
short : zara basic(made in indonesia :P)
cotton ink krey shawl-wore as shrug
double fingers ring : f21
owl necklace : unbranded

if u get confuse why did i wore 2 different bottom, i wore zara in the afternoon(made the sleeveless) and at night i wore that bodycon which's actually my old skirt.